How To Improve Internet-Based Surveys For Online Selling Business?

Online Selling Business
Online Selling Business
Online Selling Business
Online Selling Business

Internet-based surveys are an important part of any online selling business to study the market as it offers multiple advantages. For instance, it helps to reach a larger pool of potential customers, can be done in a shorter period, helps to understand customer requirements from different geographical areas, and provides a way to easily collate the data. Apart from this, it is cost-effective, efficient, and you can easily control the participants. These advantages are useful for businesses especially in this time of COVI-19 pandemic. Shared below are research-based tips on how to improve internet-based surveys.

Web Or Email Questionnaire

According to multiple studies, people respond much better to email surveys compared to web surveys. Also, the type of respondents varied between the two types of mediums. College students responded much better to web surveys, while laypersons and professionals are more receptive to emails. Besides, follow-up reminders were found to be more effective in the latter case because of their personalized nature. Furthermore, it has also been found that combining the two methods generally produced better responses, and is also resource-friendly. But, getting the optimal result depends on the nature of the survey and the type of respondent.

Increasing The Rate Of Response

When doing surveys for a business strategy model, you must know that the response rates of email and web-based surveys are lower than traditional methods like face to face surveys and telephonic methods. Generally, the response rate for email surveys varies between 25% to 30%. It is low due to factors like privacy concerns, survey fatigue, and competing demands. But this can be overcome using a multimodal approach, and the response rate can be increased by 60% to 70%.  For example, you can send personalized reminders,  include quick response (QR) codes, shorten questionnaires, pre-notify respondents, etc.

Questionnaires And Reminders

The questionnaire length affects the response rates. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the average attention span of an adult. Therefore, it is generally recommended to limit the time to 20 minutes. But, based on current researches, it is better to restrict the survey length below 13 minutes to get a healthy balance between the quality and burden of the survey. Likewise, studies have shown that the response rate improves to a maximum of three to four reminders. Also, a study in 2019 showed that sending reminders every 15 days improved response rates.

On a final note, when doing internet-based surveys for online selling business, it is important to strike a balance between questionnaire length and the frequency of reminders to have the best response rate from potential customers.

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