Do You Want To Sell Your Website And Cash-Out?

Selling Your Company
Selling Your Company
Sell Your Website
Sell Your Website

If you are in the pursuit of making money online, then setting up a thriving website or a blog would do you good. Of course, if you begin the journey of building a website with the sole intention of selling it, then you might fail. Money mindedness is good, but it often dilutes your passion and you won’t strive to take into account the little things that could make a whole load of difference.

We will  be talking about the know how’s to sell your website, and to do it properly. What is it that goes to make a good website and what is it that drives the value up. This way, you can ask for higher prices when you sell business online.

What Contributes To The Quality Of The Blog/ Website?

What do you need to keep in mind when you are gearing the website up for sale in the coming month or year? We will be taking a look at what those are, and also what gives the best possible chance of selling.

  • Value Of The Content Matters

Nothing beats value when it comes to driving traffic to your website or blog. In fact, if you are setting up a website or a blog, the whole idea is to help those who visit you. Maybe a service or a product that can solve a particular problem of theirs or an article that educates or teaches them to do something right.

Anything of value that the reader or visitor can take from visiting your site.

To drive up the value, make sure that the content you are putting out is well-researched and put together taking into account attention to detail and facts. Include plenty of keywords to drive up the traffic and bring plenty of organic traffic.

You may have to balance using other streams of income from affiliate marketing as well with Google AdSense revenue- the balance you create depends all on the niche that you are in, and the way you structure the website/ blog.

  • Website Structure And Ease Of Navigation

The more well put the website is, the easier it is to navigate. Visitors must be able to move around and find what they are looking for, seamlessly. The last thing you want is for the visitor to get infuriated because he/she couldn’t find what they were looking for. Have all of the design elements in place, so that it is easy to subscribe, leave comments and feedbacks and navigate through different sections of the website.

  • An Up-To-Date Website

Stock up on knowledge worth its weight in gold.The internet is under constant change, and it is important to stay on top of the latest plugins, trends and technologies. You want to make sure that your website is not a relic of the distant past. Learn from various sources on the up-and-coming in the internet-sphere; this will keep your website primed for the future.

Selling Your Website

This is the curtain closer. Finding the value of your website is needed to maximize the sale price, and to successfully close it.

Gather Data On Your Website

  • How Much Money Does It Bring In?

How much does it bring in, say monthly or on average? Is it consistent or is the graph spiky? The more stable and higher the income stream, the higher of a price tag you could stick on it.

  • How Much Is Someone Willing To Pay For It?

The true valuation is what someone is willing to pay for it. The general equation that owners use to speculate the value of their website is to find the annual revenue, and then multiple that with 3. But, with that being said, there are websites that are sold for 24 times their annual revenue. So the question is really all about finding the right buyer.

Proper Pricing Is Important

Pricing it a tad higher than your yearly revenue is important, as it leads buyers to believe that there is quality in the website; they will delve deeper to see why the pricing is so. Always remember, that negotiations are always about having the upper hand. Being in the scarcity mindset is key to winning in negotiation- your website is a limited resource.

Remember to always raise the price up, as when you are bargaining, you can only bargain the price lower from that, not higher. Don’t set the initial price too low, or you will lose out.

The Conclusion

If you follow these steps, you will have a smooth sale. Once you have made the first website sale, then it is time for you to branch out and make many such valuable websites. Take the time to set up and do it with passion. If your sole intention is to make your bank account have more zeros, then it will show in your work- and so will your potential buyers!

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