Business To Business Sales Methods to Use This Year

As the name implies, B2B sales involves a business selling their product or service to a different one. Business to business sales is often bigger compared to B2C ones. That is because, a company may buy another’s offering for many sites or workers, and they have to justify that purchase to their other internal customers. Here are some B2B sales methods, which your company has to use in this era.

Cold Calling or Warm Calling

Several salespersons and marketers do not fancy cold calling due to the rather monotony of the task. In this process, you contact someone to try selling a product or service to him or her without that customer having had requested the same. Cold calling should not be removed from the to-do list of a salesperson, but it is much easier to do warm calling. In this process, you call a potential customer who you had contacted before through another means of communication, like email.

SPIN Selling

The concept of SPIN selling is not new, but it is one that is starting to become popular. If you are not selling something this way, please do sooner rather than later.

SPIN in SPIN selling represents the types of questions that successful salesmen and women ask leads: situation, problem, implication and need or payoff questions. Let us find out more above these.

Situation Questions: The point of asking these questions is to understand what caused your potential customer interested in your business. Examples are “Why are you looking for our products and services?”

Problem Questions: What issues are your potential customers having in their life? How will the products or services of your company solve these issues? Asking these questions is geared to coming up with either a product or service tailored to them.

Implication Questions: After you ask these questions, your lead should think that the issue you suggest to them is bigger, more pressing than it is. For instance, you suggest them what could happen if they do not purchase your company’s offerings. This will make that potential customer realize that they will have to buy it soon.

Need or Payoff Questions: These are questions centered on the product or service’s advantages as well as customer success stories. By asking these, your potential customer will tell you what their needs are. Then, you inform them about the benefits of your company offering. You ask these questions to push them to making a purchase decision.

Reach Out To Previous Leads

If you have the accurate contact details of an old lead, why not try getting in touch with him or her? That person’s situation may be changed 12 months later. Make it a point to verify how many times you or other staff called that person. Has it been eight attempts and that customer has not responded to the calls from your company? If yes, go after another lead.

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