Digital Ad Revenue Models

Selling Products Online For Company
Selling Products Online For Company
Selling Products Online For Company
Selling Products Online For Company

There are some revenue models that have gained traction in the past few years, especially in the dot com sphere. We shall be taking a look at what different types of business models for revenues are, and you can decide as to what will suit your website best.

Revenue From Subscription Access To Content

There is a range of contents that can be accessed on a monthly or yearly basis.

Take, for example, YouTube Go, which is YouTube’s premium version that consists of no ads and premium content from channels. Or it could be the monthly or yearly subscription from Forbes. Publishers sometimes make use of a free premium model that attracts more paid subscribers. There is a limited number of samples or article downloads, and once that limit hits, you need to subscribe to view more. This is a great way for visitors to get a taste of what is being offered, and they can choose to continue or drop it.

Revenue From Display Advertising On Website (CPC Advertising)

This is where the site owner, such as yourself, would charge a flat rate for the advertisements being put up as banner ads or otherwise on your website. The ads can either be put on the site owner’s ad server or else on a third-party ad network such as the infamous Google AdSense. You get a fixed rate on every click that lands on that ad.

The typical cost per click can be high at around $40 for every click to $1 per click. This can create a significant portion of your revenue. Ask Google. 20% of their yearly revenue is from ads alone.

Advertising can be in the form of videos or even a cost per action.

Revenue From A Sponsor

Companies can pay you to advertise on your website. The kind of deal is often struck for a fixed amount for a year. If you can have several sponsors working with you, you could make often lucrative deals!

Affiliate Revenue

This is a commission based revenue model, wherein you could display or write a review on a service or product for a company and provide a link to purchase it.; in a way, promoting and selling products online for companies. Every time someone purchases their product via the affiliate link you provided, you receive a fixed commission. There are several websites that make substantial revenue from affiliate marketing. But then again, it is not a fixed revenue, and it could be that the product/ service is no longer in demand.

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